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"'Moisture' is a miracle!
I first got this from Rique about twelve years
ago and I am still a big fan."

Rosanne Cash

            Moisture is the crowning glory, the delicious treat that follows a gentle cleaning and a powerful rebuild. Slather it on, let the shower steam it in and watch this botanical-infused hair conditioner turn up the softness, the shimmer and the glow. As easy as massage in, let it absorb and then wash away, Moisture is a high volume moisturizing product that makes your hair better, suppler than brand new – not only neutralizing the chemical residue of daily living, but providing a barrier to prevent to minimize toxic penetration.

2 ounce - $9.00
8 ounce - $18.00
16 ounce - $30.00
32 ounce - $48.00

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