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"I love the Whipp because it's like a mouse that
leaves the hair really soft and you cant tell
that theres anything in it and my husband
like to play with my hair and he cant stand
to feel if theres anything in it and with WHIPP
you cant tell theres anything there still it holds
beautifully and gives you the style you want
and you dont have to use alot of it."

Beth G. ~ San Diego, CA

            A fool-proof styling product that is light enough to go undetected in even finger-dried hair. A dime size dab that is then rubbed between the hands and allowed to turn to white foam, it can be worked through the hair – and the styled or air-dried as your whim desires. Adding impossible support to any volume increasing blow-out, holding curls or straightening as created, Whipp is a one product works all styles miracle in a small white bottle. You can break an addiction to styling products with one small bottle: as Devo would say: “Whipp It Baby, Whipp It Good.”

7 ounce - $35.00


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